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Certification Experts offers a wide range of practical technical and legal services for companies in the process of CE Certification.

Our services

Certification Experts B.V. can provide the following CE certification services:
 ■Turn key CE product certification;
 ■Product investigations to determine the applicable CE legislation and related European standards;
 ■Conformity product testing to prove compliance with applicable CE standards;
 ■Perform or evaluate standarised risk assessments;
 ■Compile or verify Technical (Construction) Files;
 ■Implementation and verification of Quality Assurance Systems (i.e. ISO 9001);
 ■Technical solutions and modification proposals to meet compliance with the applicable CE legislation and harmonised standards;
 ■Legal compliance control of (technical) product documentation (i.e. drawings, risk assessments, (technical) test reports, User Instructions, etc..);
 ■Compile or verify Declarations of Conformity;
 ■In-company training for CE certification

General Information

The CE mark must be applied to products that are covered by the European New Approach Directives (EU Directives) and Regulations (EU Regulations).

By affixing the CE mark, the manufacturer, the European Authorized Representative or the European importer confirms, and takes the responsibility, that the product complies to the European safety requirements.

All products bearing the CE marking have free access to the entire market within the European Economic Area (EEA). Products that are not in compliance with the associated legislation (Directives or Regulations) and which do not bear the CE mark, are not permitted to be traded or put into use within the EEA.

General Certification Procedure

Our experts will classify your product under one or more applicable CE Directives or Regulations. If necessary, a classification study on the applicable (European) standards is performed.When the classification procedure is completed, you will receive a custom made proposal (including certification costs) based upon your product.

As part of the compliance procedure, a number of phases can be distinguished:
 ■Performing a standarised risk assessment;
 ■Practical on-site safety evaluation and inspection;
 ■Product Safety Testing;
 ■Verification of Users and Installations Instructions;
 ■Compiling of Technical (Construction) File;
 ■Preparation of Declarations of Conformity.

For more information regarding our CE certification services, please use the contact form below or get in touch with one of your experts directly at +86 20 37600707
 s one of the service agents of European Organization of Certification in China, DEU International Certification Testing Services is assisting Chinese manufactures in successfully crossing international barriers in technology and trade by using its strong power as a national certification and testing platform and an international authoritative notified body. DEU International Certification Testing Services is specialized in security testing and international certification service. Pursuant to the operation principle of Honesty First and Customer First, Deu provides professional services including CE certification for machinery,construction products, personal protective equipments, electrical equipment and E-MARK certification for vehicles and their parts, security testing for general goods, chemicals testing and system certification and so on.Our Services Includes:Mechanical Equipments: packing machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, numerically controlled lathe, construction machinery, lifts...Engineering machinery: road roller, loading machine, forklift, excavator...Hazardous machinery: wood-working machineryElectrical appliance: household appliance, mechanical and electrical products, electric- powered tools.ersonal Protective Equipment: protective gloves, safety helmet, protective clothing, safety harness...Toys: plush toys, battery-operated toys, wooden toys.ressure Equipments: valves, pipelines, pressure vessel, pressure parts.anitary ware: lavabo, water faucet, toilet closet, flexible pipe.onstruction products: ceramic tiles, wood floor, section bar, doors and windows, hardware building materials, glass.edical equipment: power wheel chair, wound paste, corrective devices, respirator...
 E-mark certification for vehicles and their components...
 RTTE command: certification for radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipments...
 Toxic substance testing: RoHS, REACH, heavy metal, organo-bromine compound, organo-tin compound, triphenyl-tin compound (TPT)...
 Security products certification
 International certification of different countries such as: American UL, ETL, FCC, FDA, RTTE and EPA, Russian GOST, Nigerian SONCAP, Chinese CCC
 ISO International Management System Certification Limits of Authority from Europe
 Machinery directive
 Noise directive
 Electromagnetic compatible directive
 Pressure equipment directive
 Transportable pressure equipment directive
 Toy directive
 Lift directive
 Construction products directive
 Low-voltage directive
 Simple pressure vessel directive
 Personal protective equipment directive
 MedCivil Explosives Directive
 Fuel Gas Appliance Directive
 New Hot-water Boiler Efficiency Directive
 Non-automatic Weighing Apparatus Directive